keep it real - a vernissage in cologne 2012-09-06

september 1, 2012 - oktober 31, 2012    beleuchtungshaus schiffgen, neumarkt 49, 50667 köln 

Peter Miranski a well known Photographer and Photodesigner from Cologne, a close friend of mine since about 25 years,  shows 17 of his new works. He shot some very young models and told them to be "just theirselfs". One girl, one light(!) one Camera (it was a Canon EOS 5 D Mk II). Everything simple and kind of basic.

He shot about 1.000 pictures of each girl and spend most of the time to select the right shoots. He told me that this was the malediction of the digital work and some 100 meters from his exhibition there was an exhibition with large format analog pics. The famous photographer of that exhibition could afford of course just one or two shots with every girl. So he needs the "perfect moment" for the shot, to not loose too much money...

I am proud, that I can say, that I taught Peter "Photographie", want to say, I told him how to take pictures with the Canon T 70 of his daddy (as an example, what effect a larger apperture will have in the photo etc.!) in 1987 or 1988, because I have had my Canon AE-1 some years before him (and before we met each other for the first time of our live at the high-end hifi-exhibition in Frankfurt 1987 or 1988. We met each other some days after our first meeting in Frankfurt at our HiFi Guru Torsten Roscher in Wuppertal - Peter was not the only one who loves this real Guru - I met people in Frankfurt, who drives 1000 kilometer just to listen to the turntables, tube gear and speakers of that increadible magic jesus-look-alike man).

Now Peter is in terms of photographie of course lightyears away from me, but I still love both: music and photographie as a hobby. And Peter loves his nice black records (Miles Davis etc.) also...

Peter, I am proud of you! Excellent work!

keep it real - an exhibition in cologne (Peter Miranski -the left guy- and me. The girl who took the pic did not listen to me, I told her that she had to focus first to some edges (Peters glases or my shirt-stripes) - silly cow! ;-))

keep it real

september 1, 2012 - oktober 31, 2012    beleuchtungshaus schiffgen, neumarkt 49, 50667 köln 


  1. Very good photos from your friend here - I'd really love to see the real prints, but cannot come to Cologne right now. Btw, was he able to sell some of these?

  2. Well, he was sponsored by Grieger (Düsseldorf) for the prints in a kind of "museum-quality" (in fact it was a fantastic quality!). The price is around EUR 500,-- each... and well, I have to ask him about the sellings whithin the last 7 days...