Skin tones: small improvements

While I have been looking over the post from June 7, and comparing the pictures with the very decent ones from June 5, I was not completely satisfied with the result. I betrayed my beloved adobe RGB (for web browsers "wrong") colour space in declaring my fifth attempt as looking as something I could realy live with. As I am not so shure about this now, I will look, if there are no better Interpretations for that slightly underexposed, very critical lightened file, which shows my favorite "victim" Julian.

Here we go:

This is file five, oiginally shown June, 7   - Perhaps the best one from the five I have shown

sRGB Colourspace   + 0.4 ev and some other corrections in Olympus viewer 2, as a gamma correction (0.8) and a desaturation (20 %) and some sharpening (+1 Raw sharpening; + 5 jpeg sharpening)

But what about that?
Back to adobe RGB, some further brightening makes it look more likely:

File six
adobe RGB, with less desaturaion and more brightness:

adobe RGB Colourspace   + 1.1 ev   gamma correction to 0.8   desaturation of 15 % sharpening was + 2 Raw sharpening and + 3 jpeg sharpening, but I did that sharpening not wth the files which are shown here (as Mingh Thein this would have done, for maximum wow-effect in browsing that) - I did it with the large files, that are downsized from google afterwards.
Now: THIS is what I intended to get: A look like the Ming Thein files in his Leica X 2 review: This photo from him pleased me so much, that it gaves the whole inspiration for that work! I loved the colours he could produce with the Leica X 2 exceptionally and couldn´t sleep for days, until I reached my target!

Some may say, that copying the work of someone elses is not much ado, no great thing. But before I can learn to "fly" I must do some training. Before I can start making a nice song, I have to sing and interpret some Beatleas Songs before. Well the Fab Four did this with Little Richard Songs in the beginning of their carreer (and just for fun also in the later career as well!!!) also! As Yoko said: "The only thing to beat John is to copy him narrowly". Thank you Ming, for doing such incredibly good work: If I would own a Leica M 9, I would send it to you to calibrate...

Thank you for reading and viewing!

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