At the edge of the light

Yesterday, at august 11 2014 I had the opportunity to meet my eMail  and blogger fried Wolfgang Lonien for the first time of my life "eye to eye". It was, because he visits his brother Willi in Cologne, and that is only 20 miles from where I life. So I spend a very interesting evening with the two brothers, while listening some jazz music and talking about hifi and photography. Wolfgang tought me to use the Supercontrol menue in my E-Pl 1 Olympus Camera, which makes the Camera quite useable in terms of "changing the settings quick without fiddling around".... so it is nearly a "normal" Camera like Leicas or Canons, which are well known for their good handling.......

Wolfgang lend me his beautifull 45 mm 1 : 1.8 Olympus lens during our short walk in the blue hour (it was around 8 p.m., somehow a little later) and I used the 45 mm quite wide open around f 1 : 2.8 to 1: 1.8.

What a great great lens in comparison to my kit zooms!

I prozessed some raw files, did sometimes a little bit with the white balance, exposure and a medium sharpening, did also some 100 % crops that I want to show you.

I led the camera decide which ISO it wants (setting was iso auto 1600). The camera uses at this evening ISO´s between 200 and 1250.

Thank you Willi for leading us around and showing us the graffitties in Köln Ehrenfeld!

The Cat at the construction area. It is looking to Wolfgang who shots it with his 25 mm Panaleica!

The crop is a slightly sharpened 100 % Pixel exact crop. The viewing angle equals a 360 mm full frame lens. Perhaps because this was a "moving target", it is not 100 % sharp.

A light by the construction site

Art: An umbrella in the tree         + 1.3 ev    ISO 200   1/ 125 s   f 2.2

100 % crop. Not sharp, because the camera focuses at he roof of the house in the background.

From a different point of view...

100 % crop   Just a 1 ev brighter than the pic before....... the picture seems to be modern art also because I used absolutely no noise reduction. Perfectly sharp! Nearly no chromatical aberations.

The resulting full frame lenghts would be 360 mm.

So the 45 mm can´t replace a 360 mm Full Frame Lens....but perhaps a 180 mm, if you are a an expert in Post-Processing!

A madonna in the edge of an house

100 % pixel precise Crop.... medium sharpened. The time has not much left of this madonna!

I miss my Plattenbau

Faces in the wall

Other spectators admiring the exceptional graffitties....

The camera doesen´t find the perfect white balance by itself. So I have to change it in the Olympus Raw developer. Here it is set to 7374 K. Nearly the perfect value.

Willi Lonien, who guided Wolfgang and me on our short walk! Thank you Willi!

Ehrenfeld, we have a problem!

We can´t decide: Is it a condom automat or an astronaut or even Peter Pan?

Tristesse in Cologne....and a lighthouse....

I stopped the lens down fom f 1: 2.0 to f 1 : 2.8  and the Camera got crazy: Switches from ISO 200 to 640 instead of perhaps 400.......and: more awful: from 1/ 320 s to 1/ 100 s....

So i had to go to the limit of the Olympus Raw developer: Minus two stops!


Cafe Goldmund in Köln Ehrenfeld. Some thousands of books inside. Simply Cult!

The Lonien Brothers. Willi with his had on and Wolfgang, well known to photo-enthusiasts, because of having such a nice Blog!

Photo is taken full open (f  1: 1.8) with ISO 1000

Thank you guys, for the nice evening and the beer!

The last picture of the evening in a 4 / 3 center crop.
The 45 mm Olympus equals in that case a "full frame" lens of 120 mm.

I think it is very  usable!

The background is showing us the magical last sunbeams of that day......

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