Dark rings under the eyes.....like Samuel Sevian...have to kick him in the ass to go to bed!

On Oktober 1,  seven-years-old Julian asked me: "Where is the Schach Spiegel? I want to watch the moves of a Bundesliga Game!!" So I gave him the book, which he has won at one of these northrhine-westfalia-tournaments (All of the Bundesliga games played in 1991/1992 -without any comment!).

For me it is as interesting as the telefone-book of Shang Hai, and I told him to better do some tactics with the chessimo app on the iPad. But he insisted!

It was 8.46 in the evening an he gets more and more tired and receives those dark rings around his eyes. The type of rings you can see on some pics of Samuel Sevian, a 12 year old chess addict with an elo rating of 2396. Samuel is now U 12 world champion and famous all over the world because of a youtube video which was taken at age 10 in which he beats Greg Shahade, an intenational master in a Blitz game and in which you can get a small glimpse of how much fun it must be to win at chess, if you beat a real master and noone counted on you before.......

So at this day at 9.15 pm it has had to be enough with chess...a small unimportand thing called school (even it is a Montessori-School) is there also in Julians life!

Chess is energy! Kingcrusher at Oktober,5 -7.10 pm   Julian loves it to play against himself. But sometimes he loses a game and then he cries (this is reported also about Fabiano Caruana as a fact!)    ;-)

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