40 - 150 mm 1:4.0 - 1:5.6 ... I love it...

Yesterday my children, Julian and Cornelia, two of their friends and me have been visiting the corn labyrith in Vinxel, near Bonn. I shot some 61 pics. Ten of them were worth to be worked out a little bit with the OLYMPUS Viewer 2 software. As usual I shot with the Olympus E-PL 1 and one of my only two lenses: the 40 - 150 mm M- Zuiko, that can take increadibly sharp pics, if the autofocus exactly does what I want...


Julian, now in school since 5 weeks...new friends and old Kindergarten friends, who he wanted to see that weekend...

These straw bales are for my friend Wolfgang Lonien from Frankfurt. I know his taste! He enjoyed also a quite simple pic of a shoe, I took earlier this year...Never ever saw something so golden like these bales in my 47-year old life! But the Camera monitor can´t do the exactly colours! For your and his pleasure I developed this pic as a normal sRGB (the only one in that row of ten pics). But my iMac can´t do the colours also in a perfect matter... just a glimpse of never seen before shining pure gold corn! I want to say: Kruegerrand is nothing in comparison! Not kidding!

Different shades of brown... this pic shows, how far the 40 - 150 mm can go in terms of sharpnes...in the certain moments when the camera loves you...I am shure, you can´t go so far with canon set lenses...

Cornelia Marie in the shadow. Some white balance correction by the software (I put the white balance to 7500 Kelvin).

During (or a short time after) sunset. The original file was even more red. Beautiful Olympus colours, slightly corrected... I´ m still in love with the E-PL 1!

All of them: Four rascal!

A nice Portrait of Cornelia just 16 minutes later (and against the bright, glowing sky)

This was much to dark (more than 2 steps), but I want to show it nonetheless

The last of the better shots today. It was 7:06 pm in germany and time to go home for supper...

Thank you for viewing!


  1. Nice ones Thorsten - and thanks for that 'dedicated' golden straw! Oh, and the 2nd last one shows you the problem with these older Panasonic sensors: no leeway to get underexposed ones back without heavy noise lifting. That's where these new Sony sensors shine, so if you need to do this more often, consider an E-PL5 or an OM-D... :-)

  2. Well, your absolutely right indeed! A friend just posted me the DXO Mark rankings from the D 600 Nikon: It´s about more than 14 steps - The E-Pl 1 has just 10.1 steps -what a difference!!! But the problem with the last pictures of the day could have find a much easier solution, than spending 2.000 Dollars - (the E-Pl 1 is perfect for my needs)...: I just did not remember the button combination for separate measuring of light and of distance, because I used this funktion 4 month before the last time, and I think I have programmed the buttons... So I shot and shot about 10 or 15 files just to hope there were some hits.
    Ming Thein is right: It´s practice, practice, practice... and I am far away from that! Have to do my homework first!