Today about 5 pm the light in our bathroom was simply perfect for a warm up shooting just before we´ve take some pics for WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) to earn some EUR 200,--. They paid it from that what they called "kleine Kasse".

The E-Pl 1 hadn´t leave me alone. It is a simply perfect working tool. During the last 3 month I learned more and more to tell the camera how it can take pics just quite exactly as I want it to take.

As an example the auto focus settics are very complex and intelligent. Now i prefer the setting S-AF + MF wich says that I can do some fine tuning by hand, just it I want oit to do!

The AF- fields. I keep them small and in Combination with a face detection. So it is on ME just on ME todecide witch eye I want to have sharp.

Just in the opossite what you can read in the web: The AF- Function is quite quick, even if the light is not so fantastic. Maybee but just maybee some Panasonics are in that kind a little bit quicker, but nowone, really nobody did a complex analysis with concrete measurings about that stuff after Mai 2010, the last bigger firmware update of the E-Pl 1. So everyone writes what he had read before at someone eleses blog.

The E-PL 1 was slow of course from february 2010 (Introduction) to may 2010 (Firmware update 1.1). But now it has nice Speed and wonderfull Precision. Do that with a DSLR!

The statistics is against you. In Germany there was a nice analysis of the Percentual quotes of good pictures in AF Terms. The by far best CAMS were the EVIL Cams. It was about one year ago.

But lets take a look on todays pictures (all pics strictley out of the camera -just downsized for the Blog):


The bathroom session

Cornelia, age 2 3/4 playing around with a 8 ft stick of her brother. I can´t resist the light, focus on her right eye.

AF-Test with S-AF + MF. I used the 7 x magnifying glass function to check permanently her eyes:

And then we have gone into the much darker living room: The Camera chooses ISO 1600 for me. I often use the ISO auto 1600 setting. The noise reduction?
I let the noise reduction even at ISO 1600 at "OFF"! Noise is no problem, if there is enough light for a pretty decent photo!

Think about it: motion fuzziness you don´t want is a much much larger Problem than a little bit more noise or a lower dynamic range. Motion fuzziness: You can´t eliminate this with Apple Aperture or Adobe lightroom!

Use the high ISOs your camera suggest!

Cornelia found her winter Cap. It was really hot today in the direct sunlight. But she doesn´t give a dam about that.

And here what happend when your precise measurements of light on the skin of the modell will be destroyed because the model moves into a brighter scene: Think, it is an out of Camera jpeg, without any lightroom post-production now.
But it is a good test about the AF and the eye detection:
I focussed on her left eye: the lens followed it with high precission!

The best shoot of the little 20 pic warm-up-session:
Focus on her right eye, the nearer one. BANG!

And again, after new measuring of her skin tones: the left eye:

And the right eye again:

Model is hiding under the clothes horse:


one of the following 20 shoots-
earning money by doing a commercial for the WDR: must look spontaneously and wild, snapshoot like, but is clompletely staged:


After that, we went out for a walk into the city of Bonn to do some shopping: Cornelia wants new tooth brushes with wiki logo.

Climbing like spider-woman:

After the buying of the brushes, I did some street photography then and found no better subjekt than this italian looking Papa with his 4 month old child. It is one of twins! He was so proud and kissed him all the time. Like Kirk Tuck I asked before I took two photos. Why should we let people feel uncomfortable?

Ah... and last but not least it is to say that I was just kidding with the money I receive from the WDR: Nobody will give no shit on this pics of course.

To be continued...

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